Review for Triluma, Skin Lightening Cream

After going through with a disaster of Dr. Gulshant Panesr, I went to approximately 40 years of work experienced Doctor (I will also provide his name and review after my treatment is completed). He suggested me 2 creams, Triluma and Biluma with AHA Glow S face wash and Sunscreen.

Here I am sharing my review on Triluma first.When I bought this cream and read Hydroquinone, I called my doctor and showed him my concern about this chemical as I it’s a steroid that it is not good for the skin. But doctor assured me it is the only cream approved by FDA for India also it will be used for shorter period of time. Moreover my doctor strictly suggested to use it at night not during the day and also continuous use of Sun Screen.

I trusted him a follow the routine. In initial days my skin turned red and very sensitive. However, my dark spots reduced, even one day I felt they disappeared. But you know hydroquinone is a steroid, it gives you temporary benefits.

My doctor suggested me use Aha Glow S face wash during the use of these cream. And I assume combination of Triluma and Glycolic Acid (in my face wash) gave me peeling effect. I could clearly see my skin peeling of from the Lazer damaging areas, which was giving me good feeling about it. I did not forget to use Sunscreen all the time during the days even when I was indoors.

My doctor asked me to use this cream for 3 months only, and I would say it didn’t completely reduced my dark spots but really help me 50% to get rid of the lazer damage, which was still a good deal for me.


Hydroquinone 2%

Tretinoin 0.025%

and Flucinolone Acetonide 0.01%

Cost in India as of today – Rs. 475


Makes the dark spot lighter.

Shows its effect within 1 week.

Low cost. Lazer costed me Rs 6000

15 gm was good enough for 3 months continuous use.


Short term benefit, however it is also written in its description.

Skin become more sensitive.

Your skin may turn red even when you haven’t applied it.

Will reuse it again– Yes, as my doctor has said to give a break of 3 months and then we may use it again.




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