Prevent Underarm odor

If your armpits stinks, or armpit smell or sweat and you want to get rid of body ordor or armpit smell especially in summers. Even when using body sprays, deodorant or perfume don’t help at all, and leave the side effects. If you are looking for the natural effective remedy then here we go and I don’t think so I need to write a long article about the solution as it is very straight.

Coconut Oil– Yes coconut oil is tried and tested formula to prevent underarm odor. You don’t need anything else at all, just apply one drop of coconut oil which is easily available in corner shops, in underarms and you are good for whole day.Additionally you can use the perfume or anything in under arms, which will have protective layer of coconut oil, with good smell. If you only apply coconut oil you will not have any smell, not bad not good at all.


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