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My Experience with Dr. Gulshant Panesar, South X New Delhi
I  had peel burn from the previous peeling which was 4 years back. I was treating those marks through Dr. Joshi in Apollo(Feb 2015), but one of my friend suggested not to go for Apollo as he said “they will only rob you”. And ask me to go to Practo and take an appointment with Dr. Gulshant Panesar as she is having good recommendation on Practo.
I took and appointment and describe her my issue. She said I have Malesma and suggested me Qswitched Lazer, and give me guarantee that it will be gone in 2 settings. I was feeling nervous and excited that finally my burn marks will disappear.
Before Qswatch Lazer


She did lazer on my face on 21st August 2015, also she didn’t pin pointed the marks and also did lazer to those area which were next to the marks. After Lazer my face was red, which as far as I also knew is normal. After two days my spots became darker, I called the doctor and she said it would crust and will be fine in a week. But it never happen.
After Lazer:
Again I called to the doctor and she asked me to visit her. I showed her my face and then she said, I will not do the lazer as I am also not in favor of it. And I was like why you did it if you weren’t in favor.
Same day she suggested me to go for Glycolic Peel and Meso therapy. However I asked her that I already had mark due to glycolic peel, is it good to go for peeling again, and she said “haan haan, it will be gone in 10 sittings”. I said okay if you say so.
She did peeling on 12th September 2015. After peeling next day my chin was completely burned, I send her the photograph on whatsapp. And she said “It is just a superficial peeling and it will be fine”. After a month my chin now also have burn mark. I went to the doctor on 27th November 2015 to show her the marks which she caused. My whole face have now marks which became darker than ever due to Lazer and new marks appeared.
Conversation and Photo and peel burn-
She completely refused to accept her fault and said it is my skin which is problematic, and she refused to treat it further.
I am feeling like a dumb. Doctor can do anything they like and get away with it. She has completely ruined my face and refused to treat me anymore
Additionally she tried to sell me her lazer treatment for hair removal initially which I completely ignore luckily.
Skin Solutions by Dr G Panesar
C 35, Basement, Landmark : Near Lacoste Show Room, South Extension Part 2, Delhi
  • No a single one


  • what worst can happen than to ruined my face with more and darker and ugly spots
  • Waste of money.
  • Waste time, she took 4 months to treat/ruin my face


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