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The nature is endowed with many natural ingredients that can be used to get brilliant skin tone. Here are some which I have tried so far.

For external Use
Fuller earth: The best remedy for oily skin and enlarge pores. It removes excess oil and help to reduce the size of pores. But remember do not use it everyday, it can turn your skin to bone white. Twice a week would be fine. Better if you use it in summers.


 Non-homogenized milk: Very good cleanser, it is suitable for me in both conditions (oily and dry). After cleansing, leave milk for 15 minutes on your face it will reduce the dark spot, if used regularly.
Non-homogenized milk cream: It is a blessing for dry skin, or for winters. Use it regularly, it will surely reduce your wrinkles and will make your skin smooth and baby soft.


Almond: Have 3-4 soaked almonds in the morning empty stomach, especially in winters, it will improve your skin and hair.


Almond oil is very great for skin and hair. It increase elasticity of your skin and reduce wrinkles (remember it is dryness which cause early wrinkles). It stimulates growth of hair, by growth I don’t mean to grow new hairs, but it will speed up the length.
Egg white: Very good for oily skin and tighten the pores. Just apply it with figure on your face. You can use it everyday.

For Consumption  

Pomegranates: Whenever I feel, I am losing weight or my face is getting pale, I consume pomegranates. Within a week my skin starts to have that pinkish effect.
Apple: “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” but I am not very fond of apple, however, whenever I have headache it helps me. Initially when I said this to my friend she started laughing. Then fortunately I found this research which says Apple do help in headaches. After removing the upper rind and the inner hard portion of a ripe apple eat it slowly.
Oranges: How can anyone forget about most famous source of vitamin C, this is a blessing for healthy glowing skin.
Guava: I love this fruit, very tasty indeed. Single common guava fruit contains about four times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. One of the benefits of guava is constipation relief. And for healthy skin you need both Vitamin C and healthy digestion system.


Coconut water: This is the best natural water without any impurity or process. Coconut water has high potassium content and contains antioxidants. It gives you healthy glow.


Dry fruits: Eat dry fruits in winter. That is the best time for them. It keeps you body warm as well.


Dates: I just like them. Whenever I have feelings of eat something sweet, I like to eat dates. I haven’t actually figured out how they are affecting my skin, but yeah they taste good.


Unfortunately I am not very affectionate toward vegetables; I just eat carrots or sometimes beetroots.


And finally remember, winters are the best time when you can build your stamina for rest of the year, whether it is food or workout.


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4 thoughts on “Natural Products

  1. Vitamin B-3 aka Niacinamide work very well!!!

  2. Dear Mam,

    First Sorry if I am Posting in wrong section. My name is Ved Sharma ,age 25 .My Skin Was Fair But due to tan it became dull ,so to reduce tan i used Ubtan (mixture of sandal dust,turmeric,rose water ,cream ,glycerin ) and the recovery of my Skin Was good .But one Day someone Advised me that better to remove the ubtan by Scrubbing when it Get Dry ,After that advice I scrubbed My Skin very hardly 10-12 times ( in 1-2 Months ) .And after sometime I realised that My skin color again goes Dull and Dry,so I left that advise of scrubbing and Now I am using Ubtan normally but Now Ubtan is stopped working on my skin even when i am removing it gently.I think My skin is Dead OR Badly Damaged .

    If You can Suggest me some thing it really will be favor on me ……..Thanks in Advance………………….

    Regards,Ved Sharma

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  4. Very good blog post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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