Review for Anti-Tan creams

Betnovate C:  I came to know about this ointment through my hostel friends. They told me it is very common in girls and they use it almost every day. And I thought let’s give a try. And you can’t believe it does make you skin look really good. It will give you very fair complexion. You look actually bright. You can’t stop looking into the mirror. But Alas! After using this ointment for 4-5 months (I used 2 tubes in this duration during the night) with very small quantity I realized my skin was getting very thin. Even I was able to see the veins of my cheeks besides my more pores were getting enlarge. So, I stopped using it, after this my skin became patchy and too sensitive to sun. Betnovate C always forces you to use it again, but it has terrible side effects. I will not suggest anyone to use this ointment. But if you have to go for some party and you just have one night to look gorgeous, you can use it once in a while. But remember never ever continue with it. It is very harmful and always tempts you. I have stopped using it for almost a year and still my skin is not back to normal.

Cost: Rs 30-35 for 30gm

Pros: Fair the complexion
Cons: Thinning of skin you can see the web of veins. Skin become hypersensitive.
Rating: 2.5/5
BAN A TAN: This is the cream which I used for dark patches which I got after Betnovate C.
Betnovate C made my skin hyper sensitive and this was the first time I got serious rashes, however they were gone within 3-4 days. My nose had dark black spot. I applied it on nose only, as nose’s skin is much thicker than the cheeks, and it did work however you have to avoid the sun completely.
Cost: Rs 199 for 25gm
Pros: Lighten dark spot on thick skin
Cons: Rashes on sensitive skin.
Rating: 2.5/5
NILTAN:  Then my skin doctor suggested me to use milder cream which was NILTAN. It didn’t cause any side effect but works slower than BAN A TAN. But again if you want to use this cream for you AVOID Sun completely otherwise spots will come back.

Cost: Rs 150-170 for 15gm

Pros: Lighten dark spot to some extent
Cons: if you go  in sun for a while you can again see the dark spots. Slow process
Rating: 3/5TANCLEAR: This is again same as NILTAN. I still wonder why my doctor changes NILTAN to TANCLEAR because both have same ingredients and almost same effect.
Cost: Rs 170 for 15gm
Pros: Lighten dark spot to some extent
Cons: if you go  in sun for a while you can again see the dark spots. Slow process
Rating: 3/5

U.V. AVO (Sunscreen): Medicated sunscreen for Oily skin. This is with SPF 25, and trusts me this is the best Sunscreen I have used so far for Oily skin (especially in summers) and smells really good.
Cost: Rs 150-180(can’t actually recall the price) for 30gm
Pros: non greasy, very good for oily skin
Cons: if you have less oily skin you have to mix it with Sofradex Cream.
Rating: 4/5 


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26 thoughts on “Review for Anti-Tan creams

  1. do u know any effective and safe skin whitening cream? my face is having uneven skin tone,spores, and rashes also…with dull complexion..i use btenovate c if rashes are increasing…only for one or two days…not continuosly as i knw it cause side effect. then now i planed to buy Glyco A and searched about it…and atlast reachd in ur blog…so niw am confused with glyco A. what should i do? does glyco A cause any side effect like betnovate??

    1. Why don't you go for Glycolic peels… It is good for even tone.

  2. how to apply NILTAN cream on hole face or just for dark spot

  3. hi i am 20yrs old, black spots are increasing day by day on face and body.
    how to control them and get rid of them

  4. This was the best cream I ever used, but unfortunately the one I bought from the market recently, is not like it was before. It does not give such results as was giving before even after price hike.
    Now I doubt it is not original. Please bring the old one back. I need that one only.

  5. Hi my dear

    Can u call me in email please

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  6. hi…may i know your email address? i'm having some skin problem

  7. I was using this steriod cream melacare for 1 year back in college..and it whitened my face a lot..and i was loving my skin..but once i stoped using it, my face became all black..and dark patches…then went to dermatologist..done 3 oxy peels..and they gave me melaglow cream to use..After that skin looked a bit okay…but again darkening..and some acne marks on my face..melaglow cream not working at all..Then i used demelan cream for 1 remarkable i'm using ban a tan cream..will it solve my problem?

  8. Melalight (contains 2 % hydroquinone) and u already know hydroquinone is steriod .

    Melalite cream is used to lighten areas of darkened skin

    Because of dangers associated with the substance, several countries have banned hydroquinone, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a ban on most prescription and over-the-counter

    If you use the topical cream for more than 6 months . you might end up with discoloration that is almost impossible to treat
    This skin condition called ochronosis.some people have developed a blue-black skin discoloration after using it.this is safe to use only for 3 to 4 months.
    How long have u used the cream?
    melaglow is too light cream and contain turmeric & wont solve the problem.BAN N TAN cream made by Arbutin &
    Licorice.Licorice is also very weak to solve that kind of problem.Arbutin is called natural subtitle of hydroquinone.Glycolic Acid is second powerful agent after hydroquinone. Demelan made by .Kojic Acid,Glycolic acid,& Arbutin.these r strong agent.but u cant notice any change in a month,it will take 6 months to 1 year.and safe to use for long.
    oxy peel will not cause any sensitivity, gives visible results but no need of electricity power and no side effects tissue damage or burn.It is safe procedure due to innoxious oxygen and water.ur skin is already suffering so ur Dr has dont it.
    serial glycolic acid peels can provide an additional effect to ur topical regimen.Serial Glycolic acid peels could be used at three weekly intervals, for two to three minutes,but not more than 40%..but must visit a best cosmetic dermatologist.

  9. Nazia hi
    BETNOVATE C OINTMENT has been discontinued made by two active ingredients, betamethasone valerate and clioquinol.I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY U HAD USED IT?
    Corticosteroids are medicines used for reducing inflammation. Inflammation of the skin happens as a result of allergy or irritation of the skin.u should know it These substances cause BLOOD VESSELS TO WIDEN and result in the irritated area becoming red, swollen, itchy and painful, such as is seen in dermatitis or eczema.

    When betamethasone is applied to the skin it works by acting inside the cells to decrease the release of these inflammatory substances. This reduces swelling, redness and itch.
    The combination of betamethasone and clioquinol is used to treat inflammatory skin disorders that are either already infected,

    1. hi manoj

      i used ban a tan for 1 month still no result. now using kojivit and glyco6

  10. How long u have used melalight?

    1. Actually i used "MELACARE" not "MELALIGHT"..but i think both got same ingrediants..and both are steroid and hydroquinone creams. I used melacare for more than 6 months( almost an year).

      My face is not clear now..It is a bit messed up even after the chemical peeling. I want to fix my face within a month or more? what i should do?

  11. Hi
    Finding an effective replacement for hydroquinone has proven to be difficult. Arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C are called Alternatives to Hydroquinone.
    In a study comparing glycolic acid/kojic acid combination with glycolic acid/hydroquinone, no statistical difference in efficacy was reported between kojic acid and hydroquinone.
    Some study show that kojic acid can even be used together with glycolic acid to give better skin brightening results.
    so demelan crean is better than other topical treatment.but how much it wil solve the problem ,no body know.
    but sure it will take abound 6 months or more.u can apply demelan twice a day.
    U can Enhance ur benefit with serial GA home peel(not more than 40%).
    some laser treatment wil work fine like Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927 and it is also safe & approved by FDA.
    Must consult a dermatologist to understand what way expert is going?

    1. Unfortunately there is no fix and proven treatment of ochronosis.every Dr has different opinion..

  12. hello my name is umesh age 25 plz provide best way to reduce dark patches on face after pregnancy last year 2012. so give me best and cheap way to reduce in minimum time i used betnovate cream but not good result till now kind help us. plz contact on ASAP

  13. which cream will be best for pigmentation ?
    and how much it costs for chemical peeling approximately

  14. hi my name is Amit Kumar plz Prefer me best Derek cercal remove cream

  15. Hii my name is manav I m using no marks but . This was not effective I m use 2month but no resut . Before I m using bleach my pemples was sty the dark spot … now wht I do to go my pemples or pemles spot …

    1. Hmm.. your marks would be very strong. I have currently used 'Skin Shine' for stub burn marks and it is working good. I didn't have much time to update the blog. But it might not remove the spots permanently but yes it will definitely lighten your spots and yes you have to avoid UV rays. It just cost i think Rs. 100-150.

  16. Betnovt c contains topical steroid…used to treat specific dermatological problems…should never be used as a regular moistriser or anti tan cream…steriloid causes local flushing and thinning of skin so it appears fairer..but in the long run it hastens skin aging and increases uvA and UbV sensitivity..highly not recommnded

  17. Try,glyco a 12% cream..its one of d best product for glowing remember u must use good sun's. Cream,before go out in sun..m using glyco cream from last one year n am haappy

  18. Use Derma dew light soap and derma dew glow cream to lightenup ur skin tone. Use The soap whn evr u wash ur face and apply the cream on night. Use a good sunscreem when u step in to the sun.

  19. nice blog

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