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The most important part of your look and health is hair. Trust me style and quality of hair define your personality. Never ever ignore them.

Till High School I had very thick hair but during exams they start falling. Reason was obvious too much stress and I was too young and ignorant to think about it. But it’s never too late until you are over 30.
I was having high hair fall for last 6-7 years. In summers (which last for almost six month in India) I thought it is because of sweating and in fall season (which last for 3 months) hair does fall generally for everyone. So time passed with this thought only. I thought if my hair is falling without any chemical treatment why should I not give a try to it and finally I had rebounding. I can’t forget those great feeling when your hair is so silky, smooth and manageable even without comb.
Then, there was a great disaster after a week. My hair was falling like 200 strands per day. I was feeling I will be bald in few days. Finally I rush to the doctor. I told him my hair is not falling just because of chemical treatment, they were falling before as well but now condition is worst.
My doctor advised me Ultrasound of pelvis and blood test. And there was the root cause. I had polycystic which was the main reason of my hair fall before chemical treatment. In blood test we found my iron level was low (not lower than the required minimum amount but not enough for hair strength).  He prescribes me oral medicine, shampoo and tincture.
Iron Tablets: Doctor advised me some Iron tablets to increase Iron level but I will suggest try to avoid them, unless you have iron deficiency. Believe me or not, it increases your aging process and open up your pores. It is better if you take vegetables and fruits which have iron in plenty. I told my doctor, however he wasn’t very much agree to me. But when I insist he stopped prescribing me and I used sultanas which did increase my iron level.


Cost: Fornia-XT cost me Rs 80 for 10 tablets

Rating: 2.5/5
Pros: Increase the iron level and bring pinkish effect on my skin
Cons: Fasten aging process.
Xgain Shampoo: Trust me this is the best shampoo I have ever used. It is very mild and makes your hair so soft and shiny. You don’t need conditioner after this shampoo. My hair fall was less comparison to another shampoo. I will suggest this shampoo to everyone.
Cost: Rs 170 for 100ml
Rating: 4.5/5
Pros: silky and shiny hair, less hair fall
Cons: couldn’t find any.

K2 Zole: This is a good shampoo for dandruff. I had dandruff even during the summers which was one of the causes of hair fall. My doctor prescribed me this shampoo when he noticed dandruff. And it actually worked for me. After 3-4 wash I had very less dandruff.

Cost: Rs 160 for 100ml

Rating: 3.5/5
Pros: Less dandruff
Cons: not for me


Olamin Scalp Lotion: My doctor advised me this shampoo when I had too much dandruff. This was really helpful. Remember in winters; do not wash your head with hot water. Try to use normal temperate, because hot water will cause dryness in scalp, which is very hard to get rid of.


Cost: Rs 200 for 50ml
Rating: 3.5/5
Pros: Less dandruff
Cons: hair become slightly rough
Wella BioTouch Shampoo and Conditioner for unmanageable and straightened hair:This shampoo and hair mask was been advised by beautician who did my rebounding. If you want to have your hair straight for longer period, give it a try. But do not forget to use hair  serum as well. Only use it if you have done rebounding otherwise go for Xgain shampoo for natural shine and look.
Cost: Rs 390 for 250ml Shampoo, Rs 400 for 150 hair mask
Rating: 3/5
Pros: if you have done re-bonding, a good shampoo and mask to manage it for long time.
Cons: hair-fall and dandruff

Folica Hair tincture: Use this tincture only if doctor advised you because you need some oral medicines to work this tincture. When you apply it initially you will lose lots of hair. Doctor said, it will let all your weak hair fall which is supposed to be fall in next two months and stimulate the growth of new hair. (every hair has its own life cycle and they fall after completing it). If anyone is using it or want to use I will suggest apply it in clean head (when you have washed your hair and dried). Because if you apply in polluted hairs, they will get tangle and fall more.


Cost: Rs 117 for 100ml
Rating: 3/5
Pros: did control hair-fall for some extent
Cons: didn’t see new hair where I had bald patch because of re-bonding, redness occur if it drops on skin and very itchy.


Seacod or Fish oil: I am very regular in consuming fish oil in winters. It keeps me away from cold and cough, and makes me skin, hair and nail shiny.



Cost: Rs 137 for 100 capsules
Rating: 5/5
Pros: Hair, nail and skin shines. Protect for cold and cough in winters.
Cons: haven’t seen any from last 9 years.


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16 thoughts on “Hair care

  1. hi nazia,

    very usefull info thumbsup 🙂 can we take Seacod or Fish oil in summer and what will be the quantity.

    triveni shetty

    1. Hi Triveni..
      There is a big NO for Seacod or Fish oil in summer, it keeps your body warm as in summer it is already hot
      It can cause you even hair fall and acne if used in summers.

  2. I have PCOS too n I'm having a hard time controlling my hairloss. Could you plz advice on what strength of cod liver oil to take and for how long? I mean do u take them during winters every year?

  3. Hi,
    You should take PCOS treatment. Meanwhile you can use 2 capsules in a day of seacod in winters. It will not stop your hair-fall, however will help you to keep your hair shine and healthy.
    In PCOS case it hard to control hair-fall.

  4. I have heard cod liver oil has loads of vitamin D an A. so u can take them during winter and fish oil during the rest of the year.. it helps PCOS as well…

    hey have u had ur vitamin D checked? most PCOSers are low on vitamin D. taking 2000-5000 IU dose on a long term basis not only helps overcome deficiency but also with hairloss, regrowth n ovulation…

    1. Oh, I never knew that, however, I don't have Vitm-D deficiency. But yes, I will still try to follow. Was it helpful for you?

    2. Even if you aren't, ask your doc since urs is normal, what is the maximum dosage you can take on a daily basis? I think 2000 IU should be fine for you (I'm not a doc)

      Many docs in India don't realize the importance of Vit D for PCOS patients.

      I got benefited but not for long. Its a different story – doc gave me mega doses of Vit D which doesn't suit many ppl n I was one of them. Since you aren't deficit, you'll not need mega doses

      I sincerely hope you see quite a difference in PCOS symptoms after taking vit. D….

  5. heyyyy .. u said that we should not take seacod in summers as its warm.. i just wanna ask what if i apply one capsule directly into my hair…????

  6. Hi,
    I am not sure if applying Seacod directly into hair will help. I never tried it. However if you have bad hair fall you should defiantly go to the doctor hormones are the biggest cause of hair fall.

  7. Hi, Nazia Sultana…….very nice and informative blog…….. I would like to try the shampoo "K2 Zole" but I am afraid I won't get in Australia….

    Hair Stylist Brisbane

  8. Thanks for sharing such useful Ayurvedic Hair Specialist Tips with us i really need that kind of Informations for my business please provide some Informations regarding Dandruff, hair on face, Stopped hair fall, Alopecia, thin hair, poor hair, weak hair, split hair, hair growth, excessive hair fall, poor growth of hair.

  9. hi dear.. nice blog u have got. i have become a fan. please tell me whether Xgain Shampoo has sls/sles in it. my hair problem is thinning and hair fall and if i avoid these components in shampoo then it's alright otherwise hair fall starts again.

  10. Hey!
    I got detected with PCOS too. It sucks. Treatment is ongoing. I have a few questions, did your hairloss stopped after completing the full course of treatment of PCOS. My dermatologist has also prescribed me folica with mintop pro for external application and some iron tabs and vitamins too. Did your hair grow back? To the same density as they were in high-school? I have lost more than 60% of my hair density. I cant open or style them anymore. :/ just need some assurance.

    1. Hi Aditi,
      Hair loss was stopped to some extent but hair didn't grow back to the normal. I have start using the onion juice, I haven't seen any miracle or something it's just not falling at the speed as it was falling before.

  11. Thanks for sharing information

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