Review for Glyco-A cream with AHA glow face wash

I have been fascinated towards Glycolic acid for a while now. So, I thought it is better to create a new page and divide it according to concentration level.

I was always very curious towards Glycolic acid. I did lots of online study and got very mix reviews. For some results were very amazing and for some that was a real disaster. Maximum reviews were from white skin. I have tried to find out for Indian or brown color skin, there were only very few, which were not actually reviews just the information.
I have been to Kaya Skin Clinic and VLCC as well, but they seem to be very greedy without caring of anyone’s skin. Kaya Skin Clinic advises me to go for Cosmo peel. I asked them, which acid they will use. They said TCA which was a big no-no for me for initial stage. I only wanted to go for Glycolic peel and when they came to know about my knowledge related to chemicals they showed less interest. As they knew they can’t fool me.
Finally I decide to start by myself with low level concentration.
Glyco-A (12% Glycolic acid) cream base: I have applied it during the night. For initial 5 minutes there was sensation which irritated me every time, I applied.

According to instructions, I should use it at bed time for one week and then twice a day. I follow the instructions for 20 days and I didn’t find it useful. I have stopped using it.


Claim: Removing wrinkles and improve texture of skin
Cost: Rs 149 for 30g
Rating: 2/5
Pros: It removed access oil of my skin
Cons: irritation.
Will I use it again: No

AHAGLOW Face wash: Simultaneous I am using AHAGLOW face wash with 1% Glycolic acid, to maintain.



Now gradually I have decided to get for higher concentration like 25%. I have order it online. As soon as I will use it will update on blog.Just a quick update- I have tried Glycolic peel with 25% concentration  Please  see the review under Review for IQ Natural Glycolic Acid

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83 thoughts on “Review for Glyco-A cream with AHA glow face wash

  1. abc

    this facewash is just awsumm…

  2. Yeahh… I know and some bitch have stolen my face wash, some people are so cheap even can't afford 100 bugs..

  3. Where do I get this face wash from?. I have just started using Glycolic -A cream at bedtime. I have lots of pimple scars on my face and have very oily skin. I stay in Leh Ladakh. I m 32 years old…

    1. Hi Maya,
      You can get this facewash from any medical store. If you are using Glycolic-A cream then it is good to use glycolic-acid base face wash to maintain.

  4. Hie..iam 22 years old.As per doctor prescription iam using Glycol 6 since 2months..but i did'nt find any improvement on my skin where i can see lot of small holes on my skin & its very disgusting when i see my face in if i use Glycol-A & Ahaglow face wash will i get any side effects???

    1. Hi Pramod,
      AHAGLOW facewash remove extra oil from your skin, therefore it is very safe to use for oily skin. Initially you can use Glycol-A 12% then increase the percentage of Glycolic acid. Side effect of Glycolic acid is usually just some mild redness and irritation.

    2. Amatullah

      Hi Myself Amatullah i m a Clinical cosmetologist if u wants to use something in facewash u can also use Melawash it contains 6% glycolic Acid

  5. hi, i m prachi. i m using Ahaglow facewash & even its best for me.i m currently nw in USA. can u tell me from where can i get it shipped?

    1. Hi Prachi,
      I have also tried to find in online, but couldn't find anywhere:(, when I was in UK I used to ask my friend to ship it for me.

    2. Hi Prachi,
      This is sameer i am 26 years old & i am using Ahaglow face wash i know Hyderabad store in india. location in Old city near Charminar

  6. year now, the results are wonderful. I causes itching n irritation for some time when u apply, also sweating, but it gradually decreases.
    Initially I applied the cream for an hour then wash it , now i leave it over night.
    I notice difference in 5 days , if followed consistently.

  7. hi, i am kavita before using this cream i had done glycolic peel treatment at clinic 5 sessison. its great than they told me to use this cream between the sessison now result is good.they told me that it will help to decrease dark spots. for sometime not permenent. but to it is better than too much money on beauty saloons.

    1. Hi Kavita,

      Just a quick question, what strength of peel you have used?

  8. where do you buy this here in the philippines? if ordered where can I order?

  9. hii..
    my skin doctor told me to use a ret gel .025 and glyco 12 alternatively.i used it for like 20 days and my skin is more dark than before…dont know what to do..can anyone suggest me anything..
    please help me out,i dont want to go any doctor anymore…thanks

    1. Hi Ricky,
      Whenever you are using any form of glycolic acid you should avoid sun, because you skin become more sensitive and it is prone to get tan 10 times quicker.

    2. thanks nazia…
      i live in australia…i work in nights and i sleep in day time.i hardly see sun …i dont know what happened though??
      do u have any idea??my skin is so tanned..i want to get rid of this asap..please share any idea if u have…
      i appriciate ur help..

    3. Hi Ricky,
      If you don't go in Sun, then you have good opportunity to try AHA peels. It will surely make your skin lighter. Again you have to avoid sun for long duration.
      Contact good dermatologist, or if you want to try it at home you have to be extra careful, however I will not suggest these peel to try at home because if you leave it for longer duration (duration would be depend on your skin sensitivity- for some long duration can be 2-3 mins and for some it can be 7-10 mins), your skin can be burnt.

    4. thanks nazia..
      i will check with him…i dont want to damage my skin anymore..
      i really appriciate your help..
      may god bless u and take care..
      if u dont mind can i ask u where r u from??

  10. Hi nazia m bushra frm dlhi nd i hv pimpls nd scars on my face nd m vry scared to use dis prodct
    u knw the weather of dlhi dats why m vry worried to use dis
    i dnt wnt to loose my cmplxn
    Plz tel me yar it is safe fr me or nt
    glyco A is only fr oily skin?

    1. Sorry Bushra, for late reply.
      For Delhi I will suggest you to use drinking water to wash your face, secondly you can use Glyco A for oily skin, but I will suggest to visit the dermatologist first as he will examine the severity of you pimples and scars and he will suggest something better.

  11. I have dark spots on my face…how to remove them as fast as possible….i'am getting sick of these…please suggest the best to get rid of these….

    1. If you have serious problem, then I will suggest you two things apart from seeing a dermatologist –
      First- go for the glycolic peels
      Second- have healthy food, trust me healthy food works much better than any cosmetic. Drink juices especially pomegranates and oranges. You will find the difference.
      You would be spending lots of money on products try juices and healthy food for 2 weeks and you will surely see the difference.

    2. ohkk…thnk u sooo much…tell me something about glycolic peels….

  12. hi m aditi. from kolkata. i have sensitive skin. but its not oily. i hav lots of ahaglow face wash gel will be suitable for me?. can i use glyco 6 simustineously?

  13. Hi its Sameer Anwar I have been suffering from acne since 3 years and now they are gone and i have done that without any medication but it has left me with some small black holes and whatever I try they do not fade. I have oily skin. what you will recommend for me? should i try starting with glycol 6 or glycol A
    Please reply

    1. Hi Sam,

      If you acne are completely gone then only you can try Glycolic Acid to lighten your scars.
      check out:

  14. Hello … I Am 18 Years Old Boy :/ .. Just Having Problem Of Pimples/Acne :/ .. Irritates Me Alot :/ .. Please Help Me ..

    1. Sorry for the delayed, have you been to the skin a. Because acne is not easy to deal with. My suggestion is- consult with doctor before trying anything on your face.

  15. very bad dark spots both sides of face and on nose i m having fair skin so it looks very bad I am using Glyco A and clearz plus mixing with apply for skin. But day by day skin getting thinner and no permanant improvement i m frustrated what to do i m 27my skin is very sensitive.

    1. Hi Sriraman,
      I know it is late to reply. You should not use Glyco A, as it seems your skin is getting to much affected, rather trying any other product visit to Doctor or alternatively you can use Mederma, it is slow however effective.

  16. Hi I m jhansi as per my physician's direction I m using Glyco-A but my skin is becoming more dark I m finding small holes n white patches now.I had told my physician I am working lady n I have to go in sun,plz suggest me what should I do?

    1. Its big NO if you go out in Sun on daily basis. STOP using it. I will suggest you to try some home remedies instead of medical treatment. Because so far I haven't found anything in pharma which doesn't make your skin sun sensitive.

  17. So please refer me what should I do for my skin?

  18. Try Tanovate GN, but Alternatives days

  19. I hve pores…n inside pores i hve black dead cells…hw do i cure it

    1. Hi Jignesh,
      Facial can be a good option for such blackheads.

  20. Hey there
    I foolishly picked one pimple on my cheek, may b I was high dat time. Now it has left a serious black discoloration on spot + on small patch of peeled skin … What do I do now. I m using AHA glow face wash + Garnier anti marks scrub alternatively. Should I.consult dermatologist now or anyone have any.other idea or evr.faced similarly ? Reply ASAP

    1. Hi,

      You can use Mederma for such kind of marks it is very effective.

  21. Hi
    I hav few acne scars n I started using Glyco 6 n applied al over my face at night . Please let me know if this safe as I m using this without prescription

    1. Hello Sidica,
      Its always better to take any kind of skin treatment under the supervision of skilled Doctor. However, Glyco 6 is not very strong, it can be used without prescription, but your skin is going to be very sensitive to the sun.

  22. hai this is vinod varma i was faced acne scars.main problem black marks on my face from 2 to 3 years i was used number of creams but no use now i am using glyco 6 please suggest good product for pimple marks……nazia mam

  23. Hello Nazia….I m hving ugly acne scar marks ….mainly at cheek…I hv already taken 2 sitting of derma roller with glycolic peel at derma clinic…but I couldn't found any changes…should I try this product without doctor supevison…is it safe…

    1. Glycol-A 10% is safe however more than 10% concentration is not safe without the supervision or if you are confident about it, otherwise you may land up into more permanent burning scars.

  24. GEL type facewashes are not suitable in my skin. am looking for cream based facewash with Glyco. Is there anything please refer.

    1. Hi Vaishnavi,

      Sorry for the late reply, I have also used foam base Salicylic acid, it is also good replacement of Glycolic Acid.

  25. I have frekles in my face suggest me…some medicines to remove it

    1. Hi Anurag,

      Try Mederma for freckles.

  26. Hi…Like i am having pimple marks so,suggest me a product to clean out the marks small doted black marks of pimples 23years and where can i get in Abu Dhabi

    1. Hi farhan,

      Have you tried Mederma for pimple mark?. You can get it easily from anywhere.

  27. Hi,
    Can anyone tell whether using Glyco A 12% will rejuvenate facia skin?

  28. Hi,
    After using AHAGLOW gel my face turned black like i got sunburn. I am so much hesitated to show my face to public now. I need to get rid of this. Can anybody tell me a solution? please.

  29. My Choice is Anti-Aging Collagen Cream it is really good using it for more than five years now. Best wishes…

  30. i have been using this cream for 5 years now and i swear by has done wonders to my skin..i use it somewhere about thrice a week and i couple it with salisylic wash. my skin is visibly clearer what it used to be 5 years short it cause reverse aging..

  31. Hai… I have many pimples on my face… Now I'm using glyco A cream with ahaglow face wash…!! It will help to get rid of pimples on my face? Plz tell me…!!

    1. Hi Irfan,
      Sorry for the late reply just busy in my exams. Have you used it, how it is working on your skin. I am not sure if it will help to get rid of pimples marks as I didn't have pimples. However as Jenny suggested below you can look for the review of another product and see if it works for you. However, I have recently used 'Skin Shine' cream for marks, it is working good but shouldn't be used for long.

  32. I suggest you have a look at products made from the Phytoceramides. It contains ingredients to act as anti wrinkle and anti aging cream, at the same time stimulates skin regeneration and replenish daily moisture loss. Meriance is rich in Amino Acids and minerals, stimulating skin rejuvenation with the effect of a smooth, soft and healthy skin.

  33. I have very dark acne spots on my back and shoulders can i use Glyco A ,will this help?

  34. Sano Naturals Phytoceramides contains 100% of your daily Skin Vitamins A, C, D and E. You only take one skin care supplement. Our Phytoceramides are proudly produced in the USA in a GMP certified facility according to exacting standards of safety and quality. -Restore Structural Integrity of Your Skin -Promote Skin Hydration. Young skin is full of ceramides a lipid that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. As we age, skin naturally loses ceramides over time.

  35. Does glyco A work on ingrown hair? I have heard glycolic acid works on removing dead skin. Please give your suggestion

  36. Hi
    I am using glyco A cream. when I use it regularly it shows shows results. However when I discontinue my skin gets dark again. I want to know is it fine to use this product for long term any side effects later on.

    1. I think you should not use it for longer period, Glyco A make your skin sensitive to the sun.

    2. becosules vitamin c capsules if we take one will be good to create a sheild against tan internally from blood ..and if we use glyco A and bychance if ww out in sun in urgency then will it be ok ..?
      normally wont apply glyco A cream while going out . i think becosules vita C tablets will help

  37. Hi
    I am using glyco-A cream to get rid of my skin tags around my neck which was advised by skin specialist. After using it for a month, my skin tags have not fallen off completly. They have become bigger than they were before with redness & irritation around the tags. Please let me know whether it is safe & effective if i continue using this application.

    1. I suggest you should stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

  38. Hello Nazia..I have used tretinoin cream and audiderm cream recommened by my physician for my pimple nd complexion care since 1 year bt m not satisfied becoz my pimple has gone but my skin becomes very dull and thin I want to knw about a good cream for fairer skin..plzz suggest me some good cream.can I use demelan cream and ahaglow facewash for fairer skin?

  39. Hlo i am just19yr boy completely my pimple is gone but i have fair complxion nd have some red dark spots on cheeks plz suggest me any good cream for that

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  45. I will share those products soon and after realizing its good results I decided to give a try to face wash too.

    face wash for acne skin

  46. Hi I m divya my hand's are fully taned doctor said me to use glyco a night time,…is it right to use????

    1. Hi Divya,
      As per my experience it should be fine.

    2. Amatullah

      U can also use Melawash

  47. hello i am suffering from pimples on my face. tell me what should i do for it?

    glycolic face wash with vitamin c

    1. Amatullah

      Dont use vit c as u r having acne first let ur acne settle down then u can go for it u can use Cetaphil cleaser for cleansing will help u lot

  48. I love this website – its so usefull and helpfull.|

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