Review for Cipla VC15- Vitamin C serum

Review for Cipla VC15- Vitamin C serum

Cipla VC15: This is Vitamin C serum with 15% concentration, it cost me Rs.1500. This was supposed to remove my dark spots and even out my complexion. But it did reverse and darken my skin.

I have to do bleach to remove darkness (personally I don’t like bleaching).  I might choose to some other brand but this wasn’t suitable for my skin.
IngredientsVC 15 contains L-ascorbic acid at a concentration of 15% which is stable formulation with pH of 2.7.

Claim: Here is quite a long list of Claims…
Clinical Uses
Photodamaged/Aging skin
•  Dry skin
•  Dull complexion, rough texture
•  Fine lines and deep wrinkles
•  Age spots
Photo-protection and antioxidant
Collagen synthesis and antioxidant
Depigmentation and photo-protection
Depigmentation and photo-protection
Acne and acne scars
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesis
Post-procedure inflammation
Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Cost: Rs 1500 for 15ml. However if you can contact direct dealer, it will cost you Rs 1000.
Pros: Didn’t do anything to me. I am even wondering on what basis they have made those big claims, just because they think they have named it VITAMIN C Serum.
Cons: Darken the complexion, very expensive
Rating: 1/5

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82 thoughts on “Review for Cipla VC15- Vitamin C serum

  1. Mmm I am planning to bye it, doctor suggested me to use it remove my pigmentation but I read this commit little regretting what can I do?

  2. Hi Odnoo
    Vitamin C is great for skin pigmentation, but I really doubt if Cipla Vitamin C really do any good.. In my case it was wrost.

    If you are still planning to buy it as your doctor suggested.. please do let me know as well the results on your skin.


  3. Hi Nazia,
    The topic of skin rejuvenation has lately caught my interest and I am amazed to see the popularity of vitamin c serums. After some research I found VC-15 is available in Delhi. I have post pigmentation scars and I was recommended a 4% Hydroquinone lately by my doctor which has worked wonders on me, but I wish to switch to a safer alternative like topical application of vitamin c. I just wanted to know the serum you used did it turn a very deep yellow to brown ? did you chekc its manufacturing date? Also, a sunscreen they say is a must. Can you give me more information on this as I have already bought it now :S 🙁

    Thanks! and Oh by the way you have a nice blog.


    1. Yes, manufacturing date was fine and even it is been said to use it with in a month after opening. But for some reason, it turned my skin to light brown. I am not sure it might happen to my skin only. If you are going to use it, please do let me know, how it worked on your skin. 🙂

    2. VC 15 bottle comes with directions and all. That leaflet says… serum will be in transparent to light brown colour. Mine is almost transparent with a tinge of cream colour

    3. Vit C get oxidized very quickly and once oxidized product is used, it causes almost reverse effect on screen. Make sure bottle is kept in dark and cool place. replace cap immediately after use. Vitamin C serum would work wonder on the screen. May be try other brand and with lower concentration. Also can use stable form of Vitamin C compound. Thanks

  4. hi , i m suffering frm severe pigmentation problem , iam using cipla's vc 15 for the last 1 half is really effective.marks on my forehead have become very lighter.and the texture of my skin is smoother now.but as prescribed , sunscreen is to b applied immediately after.but yesss its costly

  5. Hey Daman,
    Good to know that it worked for you. I didn't applied it during the day. I applied it at bed time, i don't even wanted to risk for single ultraviolet rays. I will still wait for few more reviews to try it again.

    1. vitamin c when exposed to air loses its it should be prepared afresh whenever u need to apply it:(your skin turend brown probably because u have been applying the vitamin c soution on your skin which has already been acted upon chemicals present in air to make it chemically cut a long story short,packaging is very important to preserve the efficacy of vitamin c solutions.from the picture you hav uploaded of the medicinal bottle,it looks like packaging sucks,and the solution is exposed to air everytime you use it…so use kayas topical anti oxidant formula of vitamin c..the packaging is in a spray form so there is no air exposure to spoil the solutin..i have been using it for the past 1 year and it is very effective to reduce hyper pigmentation.cant believe a reputed company lik cipla made such silly mistakes with packaging

    2. Hi Kirti… Very useful insight, I will surely try Vitamin C in spray form. I know vitamin C is very beneficial for dark spot but Cipla didn't worth for me, however I used it with very precaution.
      Thanks for giving me a better option 🙂

    3. The packaging seems fine to me. Generally most companies have this dark bottle with dripper kind of packaging which is supposed to be very effective as the dark bottle protects it from sunlight. Sunlight, heat, air, water, and even time (expiration dates) can all oxidize it and turn yellow or orange and it looses its effectiveness.This type of packaging will help extend its stability and keep it fresh.Your not supposed to expose it to air so close the bottle immedately after taking out the product.Always store bottles in a cool, dark place (15-20°C is a good temperature for storage) so it’s a good idea to keep it refrigerated.

      Also some things my doc suggested:

      1. It is better to start with a lower concentration that has a 10% concentration, and as your skin gets used to it, you can increase to a serum that has a concentration in the 15-20% range. Otherwise it is possible that skin may suffer from side effects.
      (Besides having good stability, a C serum will only be effective if it is at the proper concentration, Most vitamin C products on the market range from 5% (considered fairly weak) to 20%. 20% is the highest amount you should put on your skin because if you go any higher, your skin will not be able to absorb as much of the antioxidant.)

      2. Vitamin C serums also exfoliate naturally. Therefore is a good idea to follow up a vitamin c serum application with a moisturizer.

  6. This is sure 1 great thing i have with me. my skin feels & looks great. although its just been a week but i can already see the results.

    1. Hi Veena
      Good to know its working well for your skin. Can you please provide me latest results.

  7. My Doc has recommended me too but then seeing the reviews I am lil scared .. I just wanted to know that I have to wash it after 15 mins or just ve keep it like that only , I forgot doc's instructions I bought it but didnt use it yet .. do reply me goys soon pls .

    1. Hi Shaina
      Normally you don't need to wash it unless or otherwise doctor has recommended.

  8. Hey, i also have been using this product and noticing some red bumps on my skin. Will this go away? how many drops are required? My skin tends to break out with this product. any advice please

    1. Hi Usha
      Red bumps will go away. You are suppose to use 7-10 drops.
      If your doctor has recommended you this products you should inform him immediately that your skin is breaking out.

  9. Thanks Nazia for your reply .Also i am noticing it after using it for 3 months . When i started using it, my skin was fine. I am using the product for 4 months and in between i stopped using it also. Howe long can we use this bottle..should be it used just for one month and then thrown away immediately .I am asking this because its an expensive one 🙁

  10. Hi Usha
    It is been said that Cipla VC15 should be used within a month or when It start to turning brown. However, I think 4 months is a long time. It has been expired, you should stop using it.

  11. hiii can you tell me how can i order directly through the dealer??? where do i call n whom do i ask?
    i m not sure whether thiss product would work for me or not so would prefer spending less

    1. Hi Nazia,

      Please remove this number as I receive call from all over the India for VC 15 serum.
      I am no longer responsible for this product as I have changed the Company.


      Vivek Singh

  12. Hi I m using d same but I m also findin it making my skin dark.Wat to do.pls suggest

    1. If its not suitable for you then stop using it, also ask your friend or family if it is really making your complexion dark.
      You might have to go for cleansing.

  13. i want to know the no of dealer in jaipur

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have number for Jaipur.

  14. hi any one need VC15 pls contact me any whr in india i will provide you ,free home delivery .
    Name :Sanjay
    Mobile :+919176532353

  15. Please visit for free home delivery in India. Cash on Delivery facility.
    You can order all other medicines, cosmetics, serums that you need. You can also call 0124-407-9300, 011-4140-2526 for deliveries

  16. RAM

    One of my doctor has suggested to use this serum.And also he has suggested me to use spectraban sunscreen for sensitive skin.By seeing this some of the reviews i am little bit worried to use. Is this serum is suitable for all skin types ? if i have to use this both.. what should go first on to skin whether sunscreen or serum ? Please reply guys…

    1. cbcb

      Always serum goes first, allow it to get absorbed 5 mins or so, then apply the spf sunscreen

    1. Hi Ram,
      I am not sure how it will react for you skin, but for mine it was terrible.

  17. i am from qatar , can you tell me the availability in qatar

  18. Hi…
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  19. Thanks Nazia for informing others about the VC 15 serum. My doc has also prescribed me to use this solution and I am using it for past 1 month. I am not sure what this serum has done to my face. It has reduced acne marks along with it my skin has gone very dark. I am very scared now what to do next. Im using it in the morning and night.He prescribed to apply it after washing face with mela wash gel and then soak face with wet dripped cloth for 5 10 mins. After that he suggested to apply depiwhite gel and result is my skin tone has gone very dark. I also wanted to inform you that I go out in the post applying as I have to reach office. I am not sure what to do next?
    Nazia when you stopped applying it. Did you get your pervious skin tone?

    Thanks and waiting for your reply

    1. Hi Ank,
      I really find this solution terrible, however, you have done worse by going out in Sun. Never ever go in sun while u have any Vitamin C solution on.
      I was applying during the night, and it still caused the darkness. But yes you don't need to worry about your original tone. I will be back. You have to take extra care. I had bleech and facial process to bring my original tone back. Second you can also try 'Mederma'.
      For vitamin C serum, at the moment I am using another brand, which I am finding more suitable. After some more time I will also update that on my blog.

    2. Thanks alot Nazia for your lovely advice and recommendations. Now I apply it only at night and while going out in sun I cover my face with cloth. Now skin tone is little better but still it is dark compare to my original tone. I can not stop using it because I need to remove all the acne marks from my skin for whic my doc has adviced this. I am very confused should I stop using it or not?. I saw your profile that you have put testimonials for various lotions and cream which is really COMMENDABLE :). I want to ask you that these things really effects and make your skin better? Or these are just temporary solutions till you are applying it on your skin??.


  20. My wife has been prescribed VC15 by doctor to remove acne and Herpese marks on face. Advised duration is 3 months. She is using it from last 8 days with all precautions like applying sunscreen before going out. She always have tingling feeling on face after applying it till now but today she is having burning sensation on her face. We are quite worried and looking for similar experience and corresponding precautions

  21. mujhe mere doctor ne vc15 serum diya tha for tan removal. Ise use karne ke baad mere chehre par chhote chhote daane jaise ho gye hain pls meri help kare.

    1. Stop using it. I think this is the time I should update my blog with different bran of Vitamin C serum, which I found useful.

    2. hi, which brand is better please tell my doctor told to use for my son who is 6 yr old and has a stitch mark scar on his face

  22. skin is dark'can i use vc 15, does it work,does my skin become fairer,does it have any sideeffect

    1. I don't think so it will fair you skin. For me it turned my skin darker.

  23. Good post!!!This produce is having very good requirements like L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) Concentrated water or fluorescent water which is very much useful to make your face horizontal and softer.

    Visit Our website also Vitamin C Serum for men

  24. hi nazia am recently using this serum vc15 which it costs fr me 1600 so if possible cn u gt the details of the dealer which i could buy for 1000 rs???

    1. The number I had doesn't work for Cipla any more as far as I remember, when I called him last time. If you live in Delhi you can try still- Person name- Vivek -9899464590

  25. i have severe acne scar.. my doctor suggested me to use cipla Vitamin C serum… before going for chemical peel..plz tell me the procedure how to apply it and when to apply it..

    1. It would be written on pamphlet, however you should ally it during the night only. DON'T GO IN SUNLIGHT at all.

  26. Hi Nazia, I have been using it every morning for last 25 days and some times i feel little burn on my skin and some times not ,shud i continue it or not ?I am using at the same time supatrate .04% at night alternatively for peeling out the skin. can u plz suggest me can i keep the bottle in the refrigerator ?

  27. Not worth at all .. causes the skin to go brown all the more.
    Hated it

  28. hi, my son's pediatrician has suggested this serum to remove his stitches scar on his face. to use one drop daily at night. she also said i can use for my deep acne scars which is all over my cheeks use 5 drop at night after washing face with cleanser.. i am afraid on seeing the reviews,, as i am a classical dancer i need to use it. if thsi brand is not good pl suggest which i can use.. it is sort of emergency

    1. Hi Nanthini,
      You can use Vitamin C of some other brand, ask your doctor to prescribe any other Serum instead of this one.

  29. hi.. i have recenty started using cipla c15 serum after my doc prescribed it to apply on my fair and senstive skin at nights to help reduce the pigmentation and uneven skin tone on the face. i have started noticing the pigmentation spots that were pink earlier have started becoming a little darker. does this mean the serum is working for good? or is it a side effect? also im breaking out again, however, the size of the pimples so far is very very less. do i need to worry about these going bigger at a later stage?

  30. hey i am recently using vc serum15 … nd its working well for my skin .bt it costs me 1600 rs . cn u plz gt the details of the dealer which i can buy for 1000 rs??? m from mumbai …

  31. Yes. We have purchased it with the recommendation and prescription of Dermatologist and it has given us the best results. a must buy for pigmentation.

  32. Hi Nazia, my doctor prescribed me to use cipla vc 15 serum for some blemishes and to even the skin tone… its been more than a week i am using this product but after reading the reviews i am scared to use cipla product… i am getting married in a couple of month can u suggest me any good brand of vitamin c serum…strea c 10 or voila ve vitamin c serum is good?

  33. can u pls get back to me at the earliest..

  34. can i stop using cipla vc 15 and start with strea c 10??

    1. Hi Kavita,
      Sometime products very person to person, you said you have used it for about one week, how it is giving you results. If it suits you then you can continue otherwise, currently I am using Melacare serum, which is suggested by Apollo skin doctor, and I find it fine.
      But again if Cipla is good for you and haven't caused any side effect then you can continue with it as it is very expensive too.

  35. Thank you Nazia,
    Cipla is not effecting my skin as of now because its just more than a week but i am worried if after two weeks or so on and if my complexion becomes dark… so that's my worry…anyways thanks for the reply…

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  37. 1st week i noticed my face color is being darkened , but after 3 weeks i noticed that all my brown spots and dark circles are being lessened, but dont forget to use UVEBLOCK or any good high sun protection cream after using VC15…All the best to all who hv already purchased it… I use it at morning and at night I use Depiderm which costs 2300Rs… Very costly serum i hv purchased in my life… Though VC15 is also not cheap, I got is from my Dr. Who gave me this serum @Rs. 1600…

  38. Can anyone suggest me a good cosmetologist in delhi

  39. HI

    I am student..i having hyper pigmentation on my both cheeks, doc prescribed me Vc 15 serum, and my friend suggested me for Q- switch laser for instant result , could you please tell me which will be help Q switch or vc15 serum both are very costly 🙁 or if you any other option ?

  40. HI

    I am student..i having hyper pigmentation on my both cheeks, doc prescribed me Vc 15 serum, and my friend suggested me for Q- switch laser for instant result , could you please tell me which will be help Q switch or vc15 serum both are very costly 🙁 or if you any other option ?

  41. Hi Chetna,
    I actually cannot comment which one is better as I am also currently dealing with burn mark of Glycolic Peel and I have been through with Lazer (I am not sure if it was Q switch or some other lazer) and VC15 and none seems to be having any effect at all.

  42. Hai Nazia ,
    iam planning to use the cipla vc15 serum to reduce my acne and tighten my pores should i use this ornot because reading the reviews made me scary some od my friends recommended me this product

  43. Hi Nazia, You might have used old version of VC15 which had only ascorbic acid and very low pH (which might have dried out your skin and made it look like dark). Now, they have improved the formula with additional of ascorbyl glucoside, which is milder and effective on any type of skin. Dont use Vit c serums in winters as they may dry out and leave some pigmentation marks on your skin. I used La Roche Posey's active C till now and now I started using this VC 15. I would like to know whether I can apply that Active C moisturizer on top of this VC 15…customer care ppl are not so helpful regarding this issue 🙁

    1. Thanks Suresh,
      My doctor advised me another Vit-C serum, which is of Melaclear, it is much better than Cipla. I haven't got much time to update my blog. But surely I will.

    2. I have read some more blogs of you. They are very informative and useful. Keep writing. Melaclear is it from Auriga?

    3. I have read some more blogs of you. They are very informative and useful. Keep writing. Melaclear is it from Auriga?

    4. Thanks and yes Melaclear from Auriga.

    5. I used Auriga's vit c 8% one…it had some herbal smell to it. Maybe coz of ginko biloba extract. Let me know abt melaclear's result

    6. I used Auriga's vit c 8% one…it had some herbal smell to it. Maybe coz of ginko biloba extract. Let me know abt melaclear's result

  44. Just found out that Cipla has launched new vitamin C serum with ferulic acid and vitamin E. This one is stabilized form I believe. My serum is getting over…Id love to try this new product 🙂

  45. Has anyone tried this -Phytosil with Organic 20% Vitamin C Serum – With Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil, Plant Stem Cells- Fights Wrinkles & Airbrushes Skin to Perfection.Please let me know.

    1. Phytosil serum does not contain ascorbic acid. It is some vitamin c esther like some ascorbyl phosphate or something like that.

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